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Wildlife Photos

Blacktail deer
Companion photo to the one on the right.


Blacktail deer
This yearling blacktail deer was enjoying a wonderful August day in the lupine.  Fortunately this meadow was close to the end of my hike and I was able to walk to my truck, get the camera with the telephoto, walk back to the meadow, and finally take this photo.  Some days one gets lucky.
Heron along Padilla Bay near Anacortes, WA.  He was fishing and didn't seem to mind me taking his photo.

I got up early one morning and was at Heather Lake by sunrise.  Since it was cold I found a rock in the sun, and this guy sat on the next rock for about 20 minutes keeping me company.

Trumpeter Swans
These birds winter in many places around Washington.
American Coot
Interesting name and their feathers go from black to gray depending on the sunlight.
Moose feeding
This moose was enjoying the summer feeding in a Yellowstone lake.
Mountain Goats in November
Taken on Mt. Angeles at Thanksgiving on a year with no snow yet.  I sat on a rock and they ignored me for several hours.
Bighorns enjoying the summer sun
Taken in Jasper National Park, Alberta, Canada
For the cat lovers
Not really wildlife, but she thinks she is, and the expression is wonderful.


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