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 Photos of Washington

Mt Baker behind the Metcalfe Moraine, the straight angled ridge in front.  This is a popular hike. Mt Baker from the Metcalfe Moraine.  The glacier in the center is the Easton glacier.  On the right shoulder of the mountain is the Squak glacier. 
Lateral moraine, Metcalfe Moraine, that makes what is called Railroad grade on the south side of Mt. Baker.  This shows hikers heading up the trail on the moraine. Ruby Beach on the Washington coast near Forks, WA.
Mt Stuart
Taken on the trail to Stuart Lake.  The person I was hiking with suggested this shot.
Monte Cristo in winter
The old townsite of Monte Cristo is 4.5 miles back a road from Barlow Pass, east of Granite Falls. This was done in March and there are people who used to live here all winter.

Mt Rainier
This is from the Nisqually glacier hike on the south side of the mountain from Paradise.

Dungeness Spit
This is a 5 mile walk out to a lighthouse.  The spit is near Sequim.

Mt Baker and Boulder glacier
This view is from the ridge leading up to Boulder Ridge on the right.
Mt Baker and Boulder Ridge
The colors in the rocks are very vivid.  This photo was taken from the location of the toe of the glacier 20 years ago.
Icicle on a cold day Marble Peak in the sun
Taken on an easy XC skiing trip up the Mountain Loop Highway near Granite Falls, Wa.


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