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Flower and Fauna

Indian Pipe along the Sauk River trail in the central Cascades about 20 miles south of Darrington and 7 miles north of Barlow pass.  Strange little flower that is often not noticed.

Lichen on a tree stump
Taken on Mt Sawyer after lunch.  I saw this down from the peak and couldn't resist the contrasts.

Morning sun on the tall grass in the snow.
Pine cone bud.
I have walked by these many times and this time I realized that it would make an attractive photo.
Tulips near Mt Vernon, Washington during spring.  There are huge fields of these and are worth seeing. Fungus in the sun
Sounds gross, but this caught the sunlight just right.  I only had time to take one photo before the light changed.
Snow flower from the Sierra Nevada mountains in California. Lupine from a friends garden.


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